50 FREE Biz Resources For Money Saving Entrepreneurs

To define an entrepreneur is someone who takes chances and utilizes all business resources rather paid or free. Furthermore, the essence of having a business isFiverr.com to watch it grow to a successful one, blossoming into a more successful future for both you and your business. Free business resources and tools are always great to take advantage of, especially if you are a start-up business or an entrepreneur just starting off. Just starting a business can be very costly. In addition most entrepreneurs don’t have much to invest. Which is why a lot of entrepreneurs and small business don’t last long and give up; they simply just can’t afford it.


 50 FREE Business Resources and Tools for Entrepreneurs



1. Google Analytics

If your business needs to stay relevant or need to boost sale goals, google analytic offers great assistance. Monitor visitors activity on your website including page visits and how much time was spend on each of your webpages. You can also track how many times your video has been played and the number of shares. Google analytic can provide a key insight report on your website drive with data collection and management. It provides very in-depth services that include where your traffic comes from and even what pages draw this traffic.

2. Pear Analytics

Analyze your websites SEO and improve your overall sites online health. Pear Analytic generates a score of your site on search engines. Grow your rank by pin pointing page optimization, improvement suggestions and inspection results identifying what works on your site, which search engine optimization keywords and meta tags are working and which ones could use some improving.

3. YouTube Analytics

Social media sharing just got a little less hectic. Having the access to the most relevant data including the most viewing data in YouTube analytic gives you the ability to monitor video performance on your YouTube channels and your best feeds. Filter your data by geography, content and date range for easy trending. See the estimated minutes watch, estimated monetized playbacks and engagement metrics.


Seo Tools

4. Small SEO Tools

100% Free SEO tools. Unique content checker and online ping website tool. Small SEO Tools provides everything imaginable to small businesses search engine optimization. Offering a backlink tracker do-follow service including generating quality back links, high pr back link and good standing link trackers. Utilize plagiarism checker and code to text ratio checker. These are just some of the seo tools provided here that will definitely help grow your business goals.

5. SEO Books

A wide array of free and paid SEO professionals and DIY webmasters. Seo tools training course are available for free. Free web-based seo tools like robots.txt tools that is convenient in effectively ensuring that search engines are crawling to your site accurately and properly functioning. Server header checker and ad group generator are just some of the other few tools offered. Gain a competitive advantage to today’s search engines.

6. SEO Experts Free E-books Here

A simple, free registration will give you access to nearly 200 free small business eBooks.
Learn and gain insight tips reading from SEO Experts including the ins and outs in the SEO world. Some examples of topics covered in this well documented put together seo e-book are maximizing conversion rates, getting website traffic, Internet marketing, increasing profits and improving customer satisfaction. After all, the experts know their SEO.

7. Microsoft SEO Tool

Looking for ways to increase your website traffic and revenue? Microsoft has put together a compound of tutorials and tools to expand and maximize the true seo expert experience. Find ways to boost your online numbers and margins. Increase earning streams by putting into effect an invaluable webmaster and seo analyze. Improving traffic can come with the right seo toolkit. Test the load time of each of your website pages.

8. Snippet Optimizer

See what your websites look like on Google and how it appears to others who may search relevant topics or trends. Optimization tools enables you to see your listings online the way customers do. Promotes relevant title tags, meta descriptions and tags from your url link with these snippets optimizes.

9. Woorank

Do you have more than one website you are managing? Wondering how your website ranks online? Try Woorank to run a review and analyze your websites. Up to 70+ metrics to improve your site online. Whatever your sites weakness is, Woorank can review it letting you download reviews and analysis with an integrated market checklist getting you the ultimate prioritizing set of task.

10. Web-Stats

Easy dashboard records of all your collected website stats and visitors. What may stand web-states out from other resources, like google analytic, is web-stats capability to track all visitors browsing with javascript or without. Simply copy and paste tracking code onto any web page you need tracked. View, email, download or print data collected. Web-stat also offers, conveniently, instant live website alert or sms if your website ever goes down, keeping you up and running.


Webmaster Tools

11. Google Webmaster

Want to be found on the web? Google webmasters can help. Access search console to improve your site search results showing up with the right search inquires. Detail reports generated and data error reports on all your pages can be managed and fixed from the webmaster console. Regularly check and get email notification if your site is not coming up on google search engines.

12. Piwik.org

Well organized Piwik gives you a full data dashboard that allows for an instant checking. Compare daily, weekly or monthly visitors of all time and even get a visual via the digital map of countries your visitors are from. A list of referred websites and unique visitors displayed right then and there from the home dashboard page. Currently available in 54 languages and statistics can be read on real time with capability of widget ads.

13. Dexmedia

Grade your website with this incredible website grading tool. Receive a detail report and score your site health from one out of 100 on social media registers and visibility on search engines. Do you have a Facebook page or a Facebook fan page? Is your site a mobile friendly web site? Are the keywords on your site embedded properly and how good of a site description do you have written. Get your website graded here.

14. Google My Business

Get googled for free! Can your business be found on Google Business pages? Sign up with your gmail account and create a page that’s strictly business. Google is the worlds top search engine and having your site on Google Business Pages verified not only gets you connected with customers but also gets your business listed on specific searches showing up to the right customers. Create new business leads and opportunities beyond searches with google my business.

15. Pingdom

The powerful web performance monitoring solution for your website and web applications. Ensures proper function interactions between site and customer sign ups and downloadable files from your site links. Test the load time of each of your website pages. 30 day free trial

16. Evernote

Everything in sync | Web notes, web pages, files and images. Evernote launched new note taking app for windows and app making evernote ever lasting. Easy quick jotting, capture inspiring note taking and sync files.



17. Logo Garden

Let’s you create a custom logo out of a garden of symbols. Find the symbol that best matches your vision on a logo, choose font and select colors you want to use. Special effects are also available to make your logo creative and modern. Undo and redo, play with styles, test different positions with logo and font until you have found your best fit. Simply download and save your logo once you have created your company’s logo at no charge.

18. Squarespace

Get a low resolution logo free of charge.

19. LogoMaker

Challenging to find affordable logo designers? Design your own free logo with a free online logo design tool with thousands of logo icons to choose from. Create up to 6 logos free. Think you can’t design a logo yourself? Think again with this iconic logo maker.

20. LogoSnap

Your marketing material can now come with custom logo design that you have created yourself. Receive full rights and register your trademark. Choose from 100’s of concepts that will make your business logo stand out.

21. Logoaster

You can get a low res logo for free or purchase a high res logo for $9.99

22. Canva

Free Banner Maker with stunning templates available. Your online presence can be regularly updated with amazing banners that can be used as your twitter header or Facebook cover or email header. Create your professional banner in under 5 minutes. Once you are done, download and share.



23. Mailchimp

New users can use Mailchimp to send a newsletter, to promote product launch or to send a press release to subscribers of your business. Send over 12,000 emails to 200 subscribers free.

24. Campaigner 30 Day Free Trial

Email marketing is one of the driven forces in having repeated customers and clients. Better interaction between your business and the everyday social consumer. Create successful and effective email marketing by api integration. Add your own autoresponder and campaign your list to your campaign success.


Free Websites/Landing Page/Hosting

Build Your First Website For Free

25. One.com

Free domain name and hosting for a year with only a $3 set-up fee.

26. Populr

Need a website quick, fast and in a hurry? Get online in an instant with the perfect grab, drag and drop tool. Create stunning one pagers that will have your business online up and running within minutes. Revisions, tracking views, sharing your site and connecting with others are just some of the other populr perks.

Free Domain Click Here!

27. Unbounced

Need to increase your site presence online? Get the best optimized report by signing up for a 30 day free trial for the best landing page optimization. Pick and choose your template that are sure to be incentive driven. Industry templates of all kind including restaurant, mobile apps, health, fashion and ecommerce.

28. Free Website Hosting

For a professional online presence, receive this all inclusive solutions for your site and web hosting. Includes mobile website builder, up to 100 email accounts, performance and security extras including phone and email support 24/7.

29. 000webhost.com

Many beautiful templates to choose. Another top industry leader providing top class free web hosting without advertisement. Probably the only free web hosting company that offers 99% up-time guarantee. Select free or premium paid hosting.

30. host1free.com

Now FREE cloud VPS Hosting and Free Web hosting is available from one company. Website builder, instant setup, up to 5 domain names free web hosting. Enjoy free shared hosting with no advertisements or banners.


31. Hello Sign

Getting legal doesn’t have to come with an expensive fee. Hello sign is an online confidential and secure electronic signature that is legally binding. Sign with confidence, request signs and get status notifications including delivery to everyone waiting for completed documents.

32. Contractually

Store, sign and send business contracts online. Update with your data a contract template and be on your way. Once everyone signs your contract, which also lets you view changes and e-signatures, everyone in your party will automatically receive the final signed pdf copy. Secure online vault with easily to find contract filter.

Free Pictures

33. Get Free Images

Easy & Free & always offers a great selection and variety of free images by different photographers and some 300 DPI pics. Dreamstime offers the world largest stock photography community. Photographers donate images of all kinds of backgrounds, people and things. Designers can download high resolution royalty free stock images for free.

34. Piktochart

Offers a free lifetime account with no credit card needed. Choose over 400 templates creatively ready to be designed by your own chart vision. Create graphic that would make any presentation stand out by incorporating customs including interactive maps creating your one of a kind chart.

35. Dreamstime.com

Free High quality 300 dpi pics for your website.

36. Zanifesto

Attract a large audience with this easy image based content custom marketing. Select from a library of customize graphics, fonts and backgrounds to make it your very own info-graphics. Putting media kits together can be time consuming but with Zanifesto, you are able to not only create media kits, but content marketing including flyers and postcards.

37. Pexels.com

Website with images can make a huge difference. Pexels offers free stock images that are beautiful, accommodating and display an overall high quality appearance. Download, modify, copy and distribute photos that can be used for personal or commercial use.

Video Calling

38. Skype

Free video calling. Free IM and Video Calls to anywhere instantly. Download Skype, call, message and share whatever you want including screen sharing whenever you want for free calling mobile and landlines.

39. Paltalk

Paltalk allows you to talk and chat with important people via video calling free. Live chat for any project or assignment with free video chat. You can one on one or group video chat from any device, web, i05, Android and PC. Meet active users and stay in touch with everyone you love or a good business contact.

Social Media

40. Hootsuite

The best social media management system since 2008. For free, Hootsuite always you to send up to 3 social networks post including auto scheduling. Take your social up a level by posting to all your social sites from one post message.

41. Buffer

Just like Hootsuite you can schedule and manage your postings with their free plan.

42. SocioPal

SocioPal is your online social marketing expert. Creates social networks, like your website, Facebook and twitter through one channel. No marketing knowledge what-so-ever needed. Get professional marketing within minutes. Create promotions and install mobile app for free. Easy step by step marketing with your top marketing activity suggestions.

43. Merchant Circle

With your free account, you get a free profile page, free newsletters, free blogs, free coupons, and free network building nationwide. You get a monthly traffic update, and you can upload pictures and videos.

44. Linkedin

Access connections from around the world. Network with similar, like mind business owners state-wide. Look for opportunities, share connections and look for jobs. One place that I find tons of business leads is on Linkedin.

Free Business Phone Number

45. Google Voice

Get a free number by selecting your preferred area code and number. Use your free google voice assigned number as your home and business line and never pay a dime. Receive email notifications of new voice mails, missed calls and sms messages. Set a no disturb message or gone away message. Create a personal greeting for each of your caller and you can also have your calls routed to your personal phone number. Must have gmail account to have this awesome service.

Screen Recorder

46. Screen-O Matic

This free screen recorder allows for a movie or a simple documentary to be created. Record professionally up to 15 minutes recording time on webcam, screen recorder or do both. Publish to mp4, avi or flv movie files. Password and social media uploads quickly having you trending with this cool, free must have screencast.

47. CamStudio

Free Screen recorder. If you download CamStudio you won’t have a watermark like *Screen-O-Matic’s screen recorder, but if you don’t like downloading software, Screen-O-Matic is an great alternative.

48. Business Cards

Business Cards are a great way to get your business on the go. Business cards are great for introducing yourself and your business products or services. Business cards are good network opportunities when exchanging business cards or connecting with contacts. With this offer you can get 500 free business cards with selected templates and designs.


49. Plagiarism Checker

Easily check accurate plagiarism within seconds. No download required and this is a great plagiarism professional editing online assistance. Great for any writer, student, teacher, website content and publishers.

50. Streak

Run your entire business from your inbox. With a single click access fundraising, email contacts and overall CRM. Works with google apps to securely connect your personal mail while accessing work or school important memos, contacts or messages.

51. Dashlane

Forgetting your wallet has never been so convenient. Use your fingerprint to Autofill forms where you shop at frequently. In a dash, automatically log in to sites and use your digital wallet where ever universally accepted.

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